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Yoga and Mindfulness

Danny turned to yoga in 1991 to help settle his mind after serving in the Gulf War. Healing happened and his yoga practice stopped. He rekindled his affair with yoga in 1995 looking for a new physical challenge. The affair turned to love as he felt his physical practice turn into a spiritual awakening. This awakening has kept him connected to the mat ever since. 


After years of unfulfilled corporate work Danny left California for a year long road trip throughout the US and Mexico to “rediscover” himself. This newfound clarity led him to Nepal where he taught Nepali's to fly airplanes in the Himalayas'. Once there, he searched throughout his village of Bharatpur for a yoga studio to no avail. Inspired by conversations with his students, he started teaching yoga in the flight school airplane hangar. The "Asana Courses" in B.K.S. Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" would be his teaching guide. After a year in Nepal he headed back to the U.S. and settled in Chicago. Through his travels he discovered what he wanted out of life. To seek! To teach! "The peaks of joy I've experience in seeing a student achieve their ‘next level’ is a driving force in my life. Using my knowledge and experiences to help others grow is where it's at for me." 


Influenced by the teachings of Gabriel Halpern, Janet Stone, and Max Strom, Danny creates a fun-filled learning environment loaded with energy and message that will be sure to touch you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Public Classes

Tuesdays 12n Vinyasa

Wednesdays 5:30p Vinyasa

Wednesdays 7p Trinity: Movement, Breathwork, Meditation

Yodega Yoga
Deep Dive

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Practice with me!

He has a light within him that is rare and real, we all feel it in the class room!


Danny B is one of the most generous and truly gifted yoga instructors I've had since I started my practice 40+ yrs ago. - Barbara H


He is such a powerful, inspirational teacher I literally credit him for changing my life. After one of his classes I literally floated home...feeling better than I have ever felt. It was such a gift to have met him. - Maureen P.


Danny is fabulous. He is such a perfect balance of all limbs of yoga. His energy is awesome his cues and creativity are really unrivaled.  I practice at most of the Chicago studios and with many teachers. I've been teaching and taking power vinyasa for almost 20 years in NY, LA & Chicago and Danny is really a standout of fabulousness. -Stephanie S


I have been practicing yoga for 8 years, and truly find him the most inspirational, motivating, challenging and best all around instructor I have ever had. I love Core Power Yoga, but Danny is the icing on the cake. Challenging yet reminds us, "if you're on the mat, you're doing yoga". Great energy, infectious spirit, I make up fake meetings at work so I can leave on time for this class. Truly exceptional, and I thank him for his energy, spirit and teachings. - Carrie B


Authentic, interested in my progress, amazing flow of poses, very thoughtful about each class's intentions and poses, challenging yet always offers modifications. - Jen H


I feel like a new and improved person in so many ways after I take Danny's classes. - Ashley M


His passion for the practice was great to have for someone like me who is still discovering. He was so supportive of students who were not able to get to the full expression and showed very helpful moderations to keep us all safe.


Just needed to send a few thoughts about Danny. I feel so lucky to practice in a studio where he teaches.  Today he taught 6 classes, and apologized in advance if he lost his place....yet it was still one of the best classes I've taken here. Danny - you are a rock star. Thanks for a great class today and I look forward to many more. Extremely fun, motivating but also calm and balancing. - Lisa F


Danny, I want to personally thank you for all you have taught me both physically and spiritually. I remember when I first took your class back in the day I was truly inspired. You were the first teacher I sought out and dedicated myself to take classes from. Thank you.- Andy B


Wanted to tell you today what a great TEACHER you are but missed you after class. I've been teaching bodies to move for over 30 years. I've practiced yoga on and off since I was 12. I've had many teachers and have taught many students even though I've only taught yoga a short while. What im getting at is that you actually teach. Im so excited to have you! - Amy W


He has an infectious positive energy that radiates from his guidance into the overall energy of the room.  He creates inventive/challenging flows with great thought.  It is evident that he not only is a guide in others practices but also lives the practice. There are ok instructors, there are good instructors and then there are great ones. Its not their knowledge or abilities, its how they can tie everything together and how you feel when you leave. There are very few great instructors, he is one of them.  He is one of the few I will re-arrange my schedule for.


Just wanted to drop you a line to say, THANK YOU. You may not know how thankful I am to have found you, but when people ask me about my experiences, I literally say "It changed my life". I am in a really positive place and I know that I have you to thank for contributing to that. I Thank You for the kind words, the listening ear, the tough love and the continued support. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! - Imani


Amazing teacher. I wish more teachers had the originality and passion that Danny does. He is one of a kind. Love his class!!


Danny is a phenomenal instructor.  He has a great energy and passion that is very evident in his classes.  His energy definitely spreads to everyone in the studio. I also love the new asanas and variations of standard asanas that he uses in his classes.  They take my practice to new and exciting levels by keeping my practice fresh and challenging.  He is overall an outstanding instructor. - Matt D


His voice was calm, his teaching was strong. I felt I was able to do anything. I felt a peace inside my mind that allowed me to flow without thinking. He made me feel like I wanted to take his class again and again and again and again....


Danny has a great way of pulling out the very best in his students during class. I believe my favorite quote from him is "guys, it's just yoga" : ) The moment he said this the entire class took a big breath, and the flow took off. It was the first time in Yoga class that I found myself totally aware of everyone in my surroundings, we moved as a class, very united : ) His flow builds strength in the upper body, lets us move move move! I feel huge and expansive and he always takes time for deep stretching. Totally satisfying!    

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